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    The packaging of your products is determined by the fulfilment method you choose to send them. Our platform is just a connection link between you and the buyer, we do not charge any money for referral or any form of commission. Therefore from ordering to delivering everything will be taken care by you.
    Indizon is a platform that allows you to reach millions of customers across India, but we do not affect your retail activities in any way. If your product has been ordered, you are solely responsible for packing and delivering to the customer. Shipping will be your responsibility, although Indizon will always be there to guide you in case of any queries.

    Indizon aims to help you derive maximum profit with our platform. Therefore all you have to is pay a subscription fee to our platform that will allow you to list and sell your products for free across all categories. Indizon is completely transparent and does not ask for money other than the fee you pay to get on with our platform.

    We directly connect customers to you. They will be ordering from your own store that has been listed with us by just using our platform. We’ll make it apparent on our product description pages and offer listing sites that the product was sold by you, and your name will appear on the invoice.

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